How to Monetize Your Online or Hybrid Event

Monetizing your online or virtual event is easier than you think - there are many ways you can help your sponsors, partners, and exhibitors extend their reach and create valuable connections with your attendees in an online event format. 

eventmobi has put together this handy guide so you can easily understand how to offer great value to your partners using your event tech, create tiered sponsorship levels, and effectively monetize your next online or hybrid event!


Monetization Basics

Top Three Trippus Tips: Online Events

Throughout the Spring of 2000 we've all been experiencing the huge demand shift from physical to virtual events. Instead of holding events at a venue as usual, participants are now required and/or requesting to attend online.

This is a surprising (and overall unplanned for) new development which brings tons of challenges – but as with all new things, there are many hidden gems of opportunities! 

Challenges to Opportunities 

The New Technology Trends Shaping an Unexpected 2020

Today almost every business is almost part of the world can now agree on one thing: the trends, plans and predictions for 2020 are probably redundant now.

When this article was commissioned, some trends on the horizon included the future of Augmented Reality (AR) and the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI). Machine learning and facial recognition were gaining ground. Robots were part of the forecast.

In-person Events Cancelled? Here's How to Make it an Online Event

As th spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus continus to escalate, more and more companies are shifting to remot work, halting employee travel plans and cancelling in-person meetings.

Flagship conferences around the world are also being cancelled or postponed. For some, such events are an important way to continue engaging clients and partners.

So what are the alternatives to holding in-person events?


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