How to Get the Most from Attending Virtual Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an unprecendented change in how the world operates today. With self-isolation and remote working become commonplace, perhaps the most pronounced shift has been in how people meet and how events happen. Now that physical gatherings are on hold, organisations are moving fast to cancel, postpone or reschedule their in-person events. Moving events to the virtual space has fast become a practical alternative for many to keep their business going.

Digital tools for virtual events

Shift to digital events

Due to the recent coronavirus crisis, live events can't take place. Everyone has to stay at home, and there are restrictions on meeting with people. That's why virtual events have become extremely popular. Organising online events, live streaming conferences, offering mobile apps and other virtual tools can be a good option now. 

Going #virtual? Keep your attendees engaged with event apps

Coronavirus changed the game and challenged the event industry with unprecedented lockdowns. Many event organizers are canceling or postponing their events, given the great uncertainty for the months to come. But are postponing and canceling the only options? Sure not. There is a new trend emerging: events are going #virtual, taking the complete event experience online with speakers, sponsors, and participants joining remotely. Event technology is essential here and it can make the difference between boring live-streams and engaging events.


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