Zenus Biometrics is now an MDI member

We are excited to announce our new MDI member: Zenus Biometrics

Zenus provides the world's fastest check-in powered by its in-house facial recognition technology. Their superhuman analytics service measures attendance, sentiment, and demographics with a single camera.


What can you do with Zenus?

  1. Check-in: Using facial recognition, you identify attendees (who opt-in) to streamline on-site registration. Attendee check-in is reduced to nine (9) seconds, or less, including badge printing.


How Millennials are changing the events industry

Events and conferencing is a forever changing industry. It may always be expected to deliver content rich, insightful presentations whilst putting on an array of refreshments to keep delegates in tune. However, what impact is the Millennial generation having on the industry and how can event organisers keep up with their expectations of meetings?

Welcoming a new member: Lineup ninja

Lineup Ninja is designed to help event planners and content managers automate the many routine admin tasks associated with gathering, reviewing, scheduling and publishing their events’ content. This helps them to save time and avoid mistakes, freeing them up to concentrate on the creative and intuitive work of curating the programme and creating unforgettable experiences.


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