Going #virtual? Keep your attendees engaged with event apps

Coronavirus changed the game and challenged the event industry with unprecedented lockdowns. Many event organizers are canceling or postponing their events, given the great uncertainty for the months to come. But are postponing and canceling the only options? Sure not. There is a new trend emerging: events are going #virtual, taking the complete event experience online with speakers, sponsors, and participants joining remotely. Event technology is essential here and it can make the difference between boring live-streams and engaging events.

Working from home: not as easy as it seems!

Top tips to get the most out of working from home, by Shocklogic.

1. Choose where you will work from

Are you sharing a space with others? Negotiate (if possible) when and where you will work from best. Some might need their privacy and silence. Others might be able to speak freely. Take into consideration the different types of work and activities of those you share the space with.


2. Set up your arena

Presenting In Lockdown: A Guide for Virtual Event Speakers

Weeks into lockdown it's no surprise that the demand for virtual events is skyrocketing. It's heartening to see how adaptive the event plannign industry can be. 

We are working around the clock to meet the demand for tech to deliver high quality and engaging virtual event experiences. It's intense, but we are truly grateful to be busy and we are enjoying taking our clients on this journey.


Virtually Speaking

We are aware that speakers are on a new journey too. Suddenly they are responsible for their stage and Audio Visuals (AV).

Using Your Call for Speakers to Maintain Your Event's Brand Presence

Event planners are gathering session topic proposals for their events to stay top-of-mind during the coronavirus lockdown.

Lockdowns and social distancing measures due to COVID-19 are creating huge uncertainty for the events world at the moment. Uncertain income and cashflow are obviously major challenges for the whole industry, but uncertainty creates particular headaches for event planners: how much planning should you do if you’re not sure if or when your event will take place?

How to still reach your target group as an event organiser in times of Covid-19

How is Corona impacting the events sector?

Coronavirus has already created a huge impact on the event industry. It started with strict health measures and rules to minimize the health risk of event attendees. Now, many of the events, from conferences to musical festivals, are being cancelled or postponed in order to stop the spread of coronavirus and ensure the health of attendees.


How Can Technology Help?


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