CTI Virtual Options to Cope with COVID


With some meetings cancelled and others facing reduced attendance, CTI now offers solutions for presenters and attendees to participate from afar.

Since the Coronavirus has struck with such dire consequences for the meeting industry, the clients have asked them to develop a “virtual” experience for those who cannot attend or participate as planned. They proposed three options to help cope and have started implementation for some clients. Below the three options: 

Key Event Management - Trends 2020

Event management is changing – but are you ready? With the coronavirus spreading rapidly across the globe, events and conferences are being cancelled one after another to help cull its spread.
For many businesses reliant on face-to-face interaction, the solution has been to move small meetings and events online, and utilise remote interpreters to translate vital content for specific audiences. 

Thinking virtual: a new approach to our events

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have all been focusing on finding new ways to deliver our events. This is a chance for us to really support each other, and be creative.
At Shocklogic, they definitely don’t believe that cancellation is the only option – they believe that the solution is virtual.
However, having a simple web stream is no longer enough. Attendees now demand a more robust virtual experience, which means that event planners and speakers need to work harder to keep their audiences engaged. It is important to think carefully about how to communicate effectively, and engage with your remote participants. Crafting a unique hook for your virtual event can help draw your target audience in.

A message from Shocklogic regarding COVID-19

During these difficult times, Schocklogic Team wants to share that they are currently supporting clients to host virtual and hybrid meetings. They have been implementing virtual meetings with their partners across the globe for a few years now. This means that they can still build an online programme. Using their mobile apps to communicate with your audiences/members, and also to view video/live presentations, statements from boards and holding discussions.

Free credits for a month

Facing the current situation of several event cancelations due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Moove TEAM is providing FREE credits for their current and new  partners till 04/20/2020. 

Moove TEAM can be used to create trivia games, escape games, photo and video challenges, and more. 

Why free credits?

This one-month free credits initiative is an incentive for event creators and other creative people to dive into the platform and create great games and activities for those living these adverse times. 



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