5 Reasons to Hire a Professional MC by Jeff Civillico

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So you’re having a corporate event, and you’re spending all of this money on renting a hall, catering the event, getting a sound company, etc. Why not save a few bucks and have Bob from your company be the Corporate MC for the evening? Bob is funny…some say he is hilarious, and people like him– it’s tempting. Here’s why you should NOT go down that path.

Consider these 5 reasons and spend a few extra bucks to hire a professional Master of Ceremonies:
1) Pressure: 

Top Ten Most Significant Challenges With Conference Education - Jeff Hurt Blog

Along with pending education trends that will influence conference education, there are significant challenges that will also have a tremendous impact.

Conference organizers will face these challenges in the coming five years as traditional education methods continue to encounter disruptive innovation.

Top Ten Challenges

Here are the top ten most significant challenges in terms of their impact on logistics, planning, speakers, conference education, learning and delivery of information.


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