Download the paper: Meeting Architecture, The Manifesto

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The purpose of this paper is to define and explain the concept of Meeting Architecture and to outline the next steps which will create a new discipline or profession within the meetings industry and increase the value stakeholders obtain from their investments in meetings.
It is a manifesto, an expression of what we believe in, summarised in the seven statements on page 4. The first part of this paper defines and explains the concept of Meeting Architecture and puts it in the context of Meeting Management in general. The second part is concerned with how to develop and implement Meeting Architecture, initially by setting up an international project dedicated to the purpose, The Meeting Architecture 2011 Project. In this paper we use the term ‘meeting’ throughout and mean by that any physical or virtual gathering of 10 or more people for at least one half day and therefore includes what is otherwise referred to as events, conferences, incentives, exhibitions, conventions, seminars, etc.
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