Pitbull sinks teeth into interaction.

Ready to sink your teeth into interaction? 

Some meeting designers are starting to give up on speakers, because speakers can't seem to get interaction embedded into their presentations. Are they too stressed or too focused to do anything else besides their presentation? Or are they just not skilled or capable in this kind of work? 

In come the Pitbull Session. A pitbull is known for biting and not letting go. That is exactly what we need to do: sink our teeth into interaction and not let go until it happens. 

The FRESH Conference 2018 introduces the radically new conference script that gives speakers half an hour to speak and fully focus on their topic. Thus assigning the job of interaction to a facilitator who then spends the following half hour delving deeper into the topic with facilitated interaction among participants. The Pitbull Session is relatively straightforward: 50% speaker, 50 % interaction. 

This year FRESH says: 

  • NO to the quick Q&A at the end
  • NO to failing interaction attempts 
  • YES to small group activity 
  • YES to peer learning and content based networking 

FRESH18 will program a Pitbull Session for every speaker. In each Pitbull Session, FRESH participants will discover a different facilitator as well as different tools and techniques to maximise the value of learning networking and fun in interaction. 

Sounds extreme? Maybe it is, but some of us are desperate, after many decades of trying, FRESH is determined to finally get this industry to Initiate Interaction. 

Want to discover the Pitbull impact, learn all about Interaction and discover several facilitators? Register for FRESH18 via: www.thefreshconference.com/register

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FRESH18 is determined to initiate interaction
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