Ready, Steady, Go! Or? - The Event App Launch Guide

Launching the event app to your participants is something a lot of meeting and event planners are a little anxious about. Not strange, as you send out invitations to hundreds or thousands of participants. EventEye has made an event app launch guide so that you as an organiser can feel secure each time before sending out invitations.


1. Make sure participants can access the event

Each participant needs to be added to the dashboard with a unique email address or given an event code to access the event.


2. Make sure you ahve uploaded an event photo

Branding adds more personality to the app.


3. Time zone

Check that your time zone is right.


4. Add content

Make sure it's not all empty when participants enter the app. Plan to post some goodies through the interactive feed leading up to the event, making the event app more dynamic and fun, while the participants are waiting for the event to start. 


5. Do an internal check first

Make sure that everything is good to go by doing an internal test with your coworkers. Go through content, links that you have included and other information you ahve uploaded. Send out an invitation email to your coworker first.


Ready to set up the app for your next event? Head over to Eventeye's blog here to find out more.

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