Remote Team Building Activities

The current COVID-19 crisis compelled many companies around the world to abruptly send their workers home and adopt remote work models. There are several tools to enable people to work and collaborate remotely. You can make videoconferences using Skype or Zoom, chat in Slack, and so on.

But what about the emotional connection that employees form over water-cooler chats and coffee breaks?

What about people that are not used to work remotely? How to break the ice of being at your home, not in the best of the situations, talking to your coworkers through your blurry laptop cam? 

The physical distance of remote work can quickly turn into an emotional distance, leaving employees feeling undervalued. It makes it even harder for team members to contribute effectively. Teams that have a sense of well-being, and take time to have fun together have better performances, that is why team-building is such a valuable tool. 


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