The Rise of the Event Technologist: Crucial For your Event's Success?

The role of an event planner has beecome very broad in its scope already, from selecting venues, food, speakers, room layouts, music and managing budgt to laying out an effective marketing plan, an event planner has to think of all of it. It leaves you with no doubt as to why the role ranks among the most stressful jobs in the world. 

With all that has just been listed, the tasks don't end there. On top of it all, event technology becomes more and more important, your attendees expect it from the event organiser. Technology excites us and has become a crucial part of a lot of events. It starts at just an event website, but goes further into event registration software as well as onsite tech such as payment processing, mobile event apps. Also lead capture solutions and generating reports to prove your event ROI are important.  

On top of all of that, emerging event technologies such as facial recognition, augmented and virutal reality, projection mapping and blockchain are often times part of events nowadays. 

This is where Cvent comes in with their suggestion of the role of an event technologist. So what exactly does that mean? An event technologist works alongside event planners to select the technology tools and to create the technology strategy that helps the team deliver on event objectives.

To find out why hiring an event technologist is neceessary, head over to Cvent's blog here.


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