Save the date, FRESH18 is coming to a city near you!

FRESH18 is coming...

FRESH18 will focus on one of the most pertinent challenges of meeting design: the participant interaction.

"Keeping participants awake during presentations" was the definition of interaction from a conference organiser in 1986. Today it still doesn't happen naturally, so we consider it our duty. It's an order:

Initiate Interaction now!

FRESH will again be a multi-hub conference in 4 locations: Basel, Copenhagen, London and Johannesburg. Join us in your local hub to discover the award-winning Multi-Hub Meetings

Been there done that? Well, this time we are pushing the envelope even further. For one hour one conference will become two. Two Conferences Connected, is the joining together of two conferences across the Atlantic. One is the US and one in Europe. Two organisers. Two audiences. Mutual interests and topics. 

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So, where do you want to go?

Choose you hub from one of 4 locations with the same core programme. 

Basel, Switzerland

London, England

Copenhagen, Denmark

Johannesburg, South Africa 

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Save the date 27-28 February 2017 for the FRESH Conference
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Elena Fuchs
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