On-site Badge Printing: Are You Still Pre-Printing Badges?

Event Planners who do not want to spend a portion of their budget outsourcing name badges have all felt the pain of creating their own name badges for hundreds or even thousands of guests. It is time to leave traditional conference badge printing in the past. Here are Fielddrive's 10 reasons to switch to on-site badge printing now!

1. It is up to date

There is no need to close registrations days before the event to print your badges. By printing on-site you can easily accept walk-ins registered in your event website.


2. It's flexible

Live printing in different colours or designs per category, barcodes, QR codes, profile picture, personal programs .. it all contributes to a better visitor and exhibitor experience.


3. It's sustainable

By not printing badges beforehand, no more badges will be wasted for no-shows or name changes and no more plastic pouches. A full-colour butterfly badge is a sustainable solution. 


4. It's faster

It only takes seven seconds from ticket scan to printed butterfly badge. With a full pass-through of 20 seconds per visitor, it is possible to manage 250 check-ins peer hour with only one kiosk - 4 times faster than finding a pre-printed badge on a tray.


5. It's cheaper

Apart from no longer having to waste valuable time, self-check-in kiosks combined with manned registration desks reduce staffing up to 50%. Full colour onsite event badge printing avoids shipping costs for pre-printing badge templates.


Want to find out the remaining 5 reasons? Head over to Fielddrive's blog here.

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