SMART engagement tool - solving engagement and Q&A elegantly

Smart Digital Engagement – without the need of an app

VoxR is the world’s first and only SMART engagement tool. The intelligent online solution has been in use with brands such as  Volkswagen, BASF, SAP and the like, engaging thousands of users from 62 countries in Europe, Asia and America with its refined VoxR SMART-Algorithm and – importantly - without the need of an app.
VoxR SMART solves the classic dilemma for business events: How to enable audience interaction and Q&A without losing control over the event? VoxR SMART lets you:
• Filter bad language and non-topics • Show a refined Topic-WordCloud in real time • Enables Hosts and Speakers to “zoom in” on just those inputs and questions they choose
This way VoxR SMART combines the transparency of an immediate topic “landscape” with the safety of not showing direct questions or comments.
New: VoxR 360 combines the breakthrough VoxR SMART technology with VoxR FLOWVOTE and VoxR QUICKINFO for Agenda. It serves all three classic event needs without the hassle of an app.

Audience Interaction Awards - The FRESH Conference 2018

The FRESH Conference is an annual conference, focused exclusively on meeting design. This year, the FRESH Conference recognised the solutions/people that master interaction at events in four categories: formats/techniques, art, technology and expert. was selected the winner of the Audience Interaction Awards in the category of technology.


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