Stand partnership with MDI

Depending on your budget, time and staff available, you can choose from three different options to be present at some of the main trade shows in the Meetings Industry. It has never been so easy to take part!

- Stand partnership -

If you're not yet ready to buy your own stand, you can take a smaller step and become a stand partner of the Meeting Design Institute stand. You will get full exhibitor benefits including a calendar to book appointments with hosted buyers, MDI assistance at all stages, your branding, family atmosphere and more! You can simply come 5 minutes before the trade show starts and do your appointments. 

Meeting Design Hub at IMEX Frankfurt

- Virtual Presence -

This is an innovative way of exhibiting – you turn into a virtual exhibitor using the KUBI, a telepresence robot. While doing so, you are entitled to all exhibitor benefits: making appointments, meeting the Hosted Buyers face to 'face' and talking to them directly. We take care of everything on-site, you just need to send us some brochures and business cards. You save on the traveling and accommodation expenses!
Evelien Aernaudts has virtually presented at IMEX America and gives you 3 reasons why you should try this as well:
  • you are productive and at the same time very relaxed; I met more than 30 industry contacts while being at home.  
  • it is a unique experience and also a bit futuristic. 
  • you learn how to work with this new set of technology.

Evelien representing ABBIT Meeting Innovators at IMEX America

- Active Representation -

Your product/services can be promoted at trade shows even if you are not there in person or virtually. During MDI appointments with hosted buyers we promote "10 Innovations in Meeting Design" and you can be included as one of them. During Active Representation's presentation we will:
  • present 10 innovative tools to design more  effective meetings
  • give your contact details and promotional material to the hosted buyers
  • send you a list with the contact details of all hosted buyers 


If you would like to know more information about stand partnerships please contact us at:


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