Top Three Tips: 1-to-1 meetings

It is becoming highly apparent that attendees today have less time than they used to and they want to take the shortest route to what is relevant to them. 10 years ago, they speent three full days walking around a trade show floor - today they want to have as much as possible pre-booked and spend one full day (or even less) at the show.

The desire to meet relevant people make meaningful connections in person has increaseed. However, attendees have significantly less time and more distractions as roadblocks.

Trippus has spent years trialing-and-erroring using technology for atteendee matching and here are their top 3 tips for 1-to-1 meetings!


1. Dedicated space in the agenda

By having dedicated space in the agenda for 1-to-1 meeetings, the mindset of the group shifts and pulls indecisive stragglers to the exhibit area. 


2. Opt-out instead of Opt-in

It is difficult to get a request-baseed system to work in practice. When a buyer requests a meeting with a seller that in turn needs to accept the appointment, you will end up with a lot of pending appointment requests. Instead, let meeting requests automatically get confirmed and give sellers the opportunity to activly cancel.


Curious to find out what the 3rd tip is? Head over to Trippus' blog here.

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