Transferring Learning to Behavior

Donald Kirkpatrick's famous four level model has become the model for evaluating the effectiveness of training programs. In Transferring Learning to Behavior, Donald and his son James show how this model can be used to confront what has always been the most difficult training challenge: getting people to apply what they learn once the training is over. This book begins with an overview of the current state of the four levels, and outlines the three main reasons for the fatal disconnect between learning and behavior. Part II describes the five foundations for success that must be in place before moving on to confront the true challenge of transferring learning to behavior. Part III addresses the main question, showing precisely how to ensure that there is organizational support, and employee and managerial accountability, for putting the new behaviors into practice. The book closes with 12 best-practice case studies from companies such as Toyota, First USA Bank, Nextel, and Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, that bring alive the concepts, principles, and techniques presented throughout the earlier chapters.

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