The Value Of Meeting Design Industry - A Call For Submission!

 Dear Meeting Profs, Your contribution is needed!

Today, we can see the Meeting attendees’ expectations are evolving beyond basic needs, towards innovative, engaging experiences. Hence, according to a recent study by MPI, Meeting Design is about purposeful shaping of both the form and the content of the meeting to deliver on crucial business objectives
As a result of new socio-economic realities and dynamic technology development, the Meetings Industry has been forced to consider the value of Meeting Design. In concrete, this calls for an increasingly careful analysis of Return On Investment (ROI), designing/planning meetings based on their strategic objectives and quick embracing of innovations and focusing on the content side of meetings. 
As part of her Bachelor's Thesis at Lahti University of Applied Sciences, our FRESH intern from Finland Sofia Nikolaeva, has designed a survey  to explore and measure the scope, value and importance of the Meeting Design niche market and its economic role in the Meetings Industry. The objective of the research is to collect comprehensive data about the Meeting Design market from the Suppliers’ viewpoint: the individuals and companies that provide tools and services for Meeting Design. 
By contributing to the following survey, You can help Meeting Professionals to understand and interpret increasingly complex world of the Meeting Design Industry. Thus, this will lead to better services in the field, more accurate market analysis of the scope of the industry, and a more transparent reflection of strengths and weaknesses of the market.

We kindly ask You to contribute to the research and complete the survey- it will take about 5 minutes!


Final results will be available approximately in May 2014. For any further information please contact Sofia directly
Privacy policy*

This survey is ANONYMOUS. The research results will be processed and analysed according to research ethics, and individual persons cannot be identified from the data. The information you provide will be used only for research purposes, and we will not release your personal information to any third party without your consent.
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