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Welcome to the website where meeting objectives and meeting effectiveness matter. Thanks to our members, contributors and sponsors we are able to build a knowledge base around the tools, science, technology, etc. to improve the Learning, Networking and Motivational objectives for participants at meetings. Your input is welcome and you may also subscribe to feeds & newsletters. Get our regular updates simply by registering which takes less than 1 minute.


Once you are registered, you can start searching the knowledgebase for tools, knowledge or suppliers. You can use the normal search in the right top corner on this page, simply by putting in a word that you want to search for.  The more exciting option is to go to the tab 'Knowledge base' and use the faceted search. This smart search engine allows you to use key words and categories based on the Meeting Architecture model as depicted in the 'Bulls Eye' graph. You start with clicking on 'books' if you are looking for a book, than select 'Networking', than 'after', then...  until you are down to a number of results that you can look through. 


You can also enter an article, a service, a tool, a concept yourself. By selecting the right set of categories for your publication, you format your input so that others can find it using the Faceted search engine.

All you input needs to support or enable the effectiveness of meetings and. so it should be tools, services or concepts that help improve the results for objectives like Learning, Networking and Motivation. It should focus on changing behavior of participants, the increasing effectiveness and ultimately higher ROI of face to face meetings and events. No topics on participant logistics like travel, destination, accommodation, unless it addresses the impact on participant behavioural impact, meeting objectives support etc.

We are grateful to our volunteer contributors Phillip W. Arbuckle with ‘Science Daily’, IMEX with ‘Meetings Under the Microscope’, our bloggers and others.

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