Welcoming a new member: Lineup ninja

Lineup Ninja is designed to help event planners and content managers automate the many routine admin tasks associated with gathering, reviewing, scheduling and publishing their events’ content. This helps them to save time and avoid mistakes, freeing them up to concentrate on the creative and intuitive work of curating the programme and creating unforgettable experiences.

It combines abstract management, agenda planning, event app and on-site digital signage tools into a single product. This means that the call for speakers can be used to capture both the content and scheduling details, such as the speaker’s availability, whether they need any special resources etc. This data can then be used to automatically check for agenda scheduling errors. As speakers’ offers move from draft to submission, offer to review, acceptance to publishing, notifications and reminders are automatically triggered. 

Lineup Ninja’s main impact is in the back office, saving event planners from hours of repetitive tasks such as emailing and copying and pasting data between emails, spreadsheets and website content management systems.

Founded in 2017, Lineup Ninja has won several awards and is rapidly gaining traction in the exhibition and conference markets. Clients find it easy to use, powerful and flexible: 

"It does everything this thing. It's saved me no end of time. I don’t think I used a single spreadsheet to plan the program" - Paul Allott, Event Director, Event Tech Live 

Lineup ninja was founded by Joe Atkinson and Gordon Johnston. Between them they have 30 years of experience in technology and 8 in event planning.


To find out more, watch Lineup ninja's video here.


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