Why should events be sustainable?

Fanomena Events has curated a list of reasons for an event to be sustainable.

1. It is well known that a single event produces a lot of waste and may have a long-lasting negative impact on the nature around it. By measuring the footprint of an event, using recyclable materials and switching to digital technologies, every event manager can lessen the impact on the planet.


2. Audiences these days are more and more concerned about the environment and have high expectations from every organisation. In order to attract the younger, influencial attendees, event planners need to provid green events, which have proven to excite this audience. 


3. Businesses which sponsor events want to be seen as at the head of the curve and pioneering new market trends to excite audiences, which is why so many are interested in sponsoring sustainable initiatives. A lot of sponsors want to bee associated with environmentally friendly events in order to boost consumer identification with their brand.


Want to find out how to achieve sustainability? Head over to Fanomena's blog here.

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