Why You Should Let Employees "BYOD"

Bring Your Own Device – ‘BYOD’ – is turning technology on its head. Businesses used to be responsible for purchasing and maintaining the computers and other devices their employees use; today, many employees would rather use their own devices. The reasons for this trend are varied, but there are a few common themes.

1. Using a new phone, tablet or PC is hugely annoying

Even though most computers, tablet and smartphones work in basically the same way, the subtle differences between platforms can lead to inefficiency and mistakes, and basically be very annoying. Given the choice, most of us would rather use a device we are familiar with.

2. Our own phones are usually so much better

Many of us would have the latest Apple or Samsung phone whilst our work phone was still an old Blackberry. According to the Wall Street Journal, the average user will replace his or her phone every two and a half years. The upgrade cycle for a business PC can easily stretch well beyond five years.

People often choose to upgrade their devices when a manufacturer releases new features, security enhancements or simply just an improved version. It makes sense that businesses benefit from this latest technology at no extra cost to themselves!

3. Make it personal

If they have their device for long enough, nearly every user will customise it to fit their needs and personality. People want their menus laid out in a certain way, the photo of the beach in Barbados as their screenshot and access to their own music for use during downtime. Some users alter parameters like brightness, contrast, volume and keyboard sensitivity to compensate for disabilities. Naturally we are going to prefer to use a device that we have made personal and one that holds everything we need.

4. More freedom

People like to feel free. When you help your employees make their own decisions about the technology they work with, you are giving them the confidence that comes with knowing you trust their decisions. Many studies have shown that increased employee autonomy leads to higher job satisfaction and increased productivity. Encouraging your employees to use BYOD for company meetings is a small step you can take to make your employees feel happier and perform better.

The verdict?

BYOD device is a trend that is here to stay. No matter what industry you are in, the right technology can make your business run better and be more productive. More to the point, in many cases, the right technology is the technology that is already in your employees’ bags and pockets. No one knows your business better than your employees do; they often know what technology they need even better than you do.


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