World Café – trendy buzzword or ingeniously simple concept?

What is a World-Café ?


Essentially it is a large-scale group intervention. In the systematic consultation you also speak of organisation conference formats. These aim to activate the participant's knowledge, to bring it together over a period of usually a few hours and thereby contribute to an immediate change of individual behaviour or entire organisations. 

A World Café is an obvious choice when it comes to forming a common working basis of one to three hours. For example, in a KickOff, for a joint strategy development or for starting the development of action plans. The core of the format is the networking of small-group dialogues, the results of which can be integrated into the ensuing large-scale.

The format accelerates the transition between plenary and group work phases. Behind this is the idea that just the pleasant atmosphere of conversation of a smaller group helps the participants to break down barriers and to participate informally in the conversation.


How can you digitize your World-Café ?

Clearly communicate the meaning and process of the World Café. Design a pleasant coffee hosue atmosphere. Motivate active participation. 


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