Wow Sponsors and Exhibitors With Event Lead Capture

Attracting exhibitors and sponsors to your event means providing great ROI. A major incentive for exhibitors to participate in your event is the opportunity to collect quality leads. CrowdComms digitally enablesd lead capture is a great way to gather qualified leads. Your sponsors and exhibitors want to covert connections into powerful leads? Are they keen to ditch business cards? 


Collecting quality leads can be very cost effective, as the app sits neatly on exibitors' mobile devices, which means no additional hardware has to be purchased. As attendees visit stands and booths a quick scan of their badge is all that is required to gather data.

You have Real-Time Access, you can view manage and export your information and the system functions even when Wi-Fi drops out.

The plaform can be custom branded in order to gurantee a strong brand continuity.

As an event organiser, you have powerful benefits as you can manage attendee traffic thoughout the event, e.g. if your booth needs a visit boost you can take immediate steps and promote a scheduled demo or donut giveaway in the activity feed to increase traffic.


Intrigued to find out more? Visit CrowdComms blog here.

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