Zenus Biometrics is now an MDI member

We are excited to announce our new MDI member: Zenus Biometrics

Zenus provides the world's fastest check-in powered by its in-house facial recognition technology. Their superhuman analytics service measures attendance, sentiment, and demographics with a single camera.


What can you do with Zenus?

  1. Check-in: Using facial recognition, you identify attendees (who opt-in) to streamline on-site registration. Attendee check-in is reduced to nine (9) seconds, or less, including badge printing.


  1. Attendance: With a single camera, you can detect thousands of faces in a ballroom. This offers you an easy way to determine occupancy levels at your sessions.


  1. Sentiment & Demographics: You can easily track people’s emotions throughout their journey at your event. In addition, you understand the demographics of your audience and which segments are the most/least engaged.


  1. Interactive Applications: You can create interactive applications with personalized messages and dynamic updates. These are tailored, live, depending on people’s mood and reactions.


  1. Session Scanning: Controlling access to sessions is extremely important to event organizers. Facial recognition makes the process smoother and easier for attendees and event planners.


  1. Lead Retrieval: Connecting and following up with leads generated at an event is a vital part of marketing. Instead of scanning badges, vendors can passively obtain insights and perform lead retrieval without lifting a finger.


The Zenus Biometrics team comprises experts with international distinctions in facial analysis and facial recognition. Their technologies work for events ranging from a few hundred up to tens of thousands of attendees.

The analytics service records only aggregate statistics and has zero impact on privacy. Facial recognition requires explicit consent and the proprietary platform never accesses people’s names and email addresses. All pictures are automatically deleted creating a fully secure process.

For more information, please feel free to visit their website.



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